Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm working on another painting, but since it's layered, it takes a while. It's good for my spastic attention span because I dab on some paint or glitter and wander off to let it dry. My next project is going to be making a light box so I can photograph my work with some semblance of professionalism.

I've paused my work on the sweater for a couple of days while I knit a pair of socks. I finally caved and decided to knit a pair because my feet are cold. When our high temperature for the day is still below zero, I can either set myself on fire or knit socks. I'm not smitten with them, so I don't think this will become an addiction. They can be useful little items, but when I see socks knit with fancy sock yarn, I don't swoon. These are going quickly because I'm knitting them with worsted Cascade 220 Superwash "Cordovan" from my stash on US4's. I made it past the heel on my first one last night and that was while talking on the phone and ordering a Phat Fiber box. ( My big plans for tonight are to work on finishing the one and possibly starting the second. Cold toes are powerful motivation. I'll pop in a movie, huddle under a blanket and knit like the wind. The pattern is "Thuja" from Knitty Winter 2005. These are meant to be men's socks but they have nice 3x1 ribbing to make them clingy. I sized them down and it's working just fine. Lucy is the only one who will see them, so the lack of girliness is not a big deal.

And on the topic of knitting, the subject of today's post is bunnies! I found a link to PalominoMorgan's Etsy shop and I'm going into sugar shock because these bunnies are so cute. The description of their personalities is even better. They're all made from upcycled sweaters, which is very cool and means each one is unique. Look at this one called "Creamsicle"!

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