Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Slump

July was a terribly busy month and August has been hot. It's been in the 80's and muggy here, which means I have no interest in wool or alpaca. I'm being green (and cheap) and living without air conditioning. The cooler nights are making me think a little about knitting, so I ordered some Hempathy and Soft Linen yarn for some quick baby items. It's been a while since I spoiled my niece.

I sat out the August Phat Fiber box. It feels weird to miss one, but I couldn't find the time or enthusiasm to put together samples. I didn't have anything here that spoke to me and I didn't have the time to spin a good yarn. I'll try again for September and hope the fall weather brings back my spinning mojo.

I participated in the Better Footprint Unity Bead Challenge earlier this month. I bought a kit containing four packets of fair trade beads from Africa. The challenge is to design a jewelry item (necklace, earrings, bracelet, etc) using primarily the beads in the kit and your own wire, string and findings. I spun some hand-dyed tussah silk into a thin single, threaded on the beads and then knitted a free-form lariat-style necklace. I called it "Mermaid of the Nile". It's a pretty color and comfortable to wear, but definitely not your typical jewelry item. I liked the idea that it could be recreated using natural fibers and a spindle since it doesn't require any metal findings like clasps. The judging is September 17, so we'll see if anything comes of this. If nothing else, it was a fun challenge.

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