Friday, September 12, 2008


I've moved and everything is still in disarray. I've been concentrating on painting the walls so my living space is fresh and welcoming. I'd rather do that first and then unpack, so everything else has been on hold. I did take a few days off to visit with my family and in that time, I churned out four dishcloths. Two were gifts, and two were for my new kitchen.

Next on my list is some gardening. I brought my gardening tools to my new place and I have some neglected beds waiting for me. I'm excited to jump in and make some improvements and my new landlords are happy to let me. Mostly I need to do some pruning and weeding to see what structure I have to work with. There's a large shrub outside my bedroom window that the landlord wants to cut down, but I think I'll convince them to keep it. It gives me privacy and so far I've seen a warbler, a woodpecker and a female cardinal in it while looking out my window. The cover it provides for the birds is worth salvaging. It does need a little pruning, so I'll tidy it up and give it some shape.

Last but not least, my newest additions are three orchids and a goldfish plant. I visited a local grower at the Farmer's Market last week and bought the plants on sale. I have a Brassidium "Dragon Wings", Paphiopedilum Maudiae alba (Lady's Slipper) and Phalaenopsis "Paper Moon". They're all beautiful plants and suited to different windows in my apartment. I love having the flowers inside since I left my flowering garden behind. Nothing is blooming outside here yet except some neglected black-eyed susans.

Interesting quiz. I agree with parts of it.

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