Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's easy being green!

I am becoming more aware of my shopping and I try to buy local when I can. Now that I've moved back to my hometown, I went to the farmer's market to see if some of my favorite booths were still there. I am happy to report they were!

First on my list was a booth that sells all heirloom apple varieties. My grandfather had an old tree in his yard that gave a bumper crop of apples that were small, crunchy, tart, and green with red streaks. I loved those apples and am happy when I can find something similar. The huge, sweet mushy apples in the store don't come close. I bought a mix and match selection of about seven different tart varieties. The booth has gotten bigger, and is still very busy. My only disappointment was they weren't offering samples. They used to have little cubes of each variety so you could sample before you picked them out. Each variety does have a description card and they are sorted in order of sweetness, so I could skip one half of the booth entirely. That crazy brown one is described as very tart and zesty. I can't wait to try it!

Second was an Amish bakery. I found the booth, but either the bakery has sold or they have gotten so big that they have non-Amish workers manning the booth. Either way, the almond scones are exactly as I remembered. I have to restrain myself, but man are they delicious.

I also wanted to pick up a few veggies and so I scoured the market for good deals. I came back with a bunch of carrots, some patty pan squash (which I MUST learn how to cook), cherry tomatoes, a quart of raspberries, three cucumbers, and a huge club of brussels sprouts. People were commenting on my sprouts as I wandered around in the rain. As an adult, I've learned they are really delicious with a little salt and butter, but they have to be fresh. Frozen are not good and canned are unspeakably foul.

On the way there, I also drove past a yarn shop that is literally minutes from my house. I dropped in on the way home and checked it out. It had a nice selection of yarn and knitted samples and friendly staff, so I'm sure I'll be back. There are a few others in the area that I will get to eventually. I'm trying to behave since moving was a big expense and I have so much work to do in the apartment. Knitting will be my reward when I finish painting, especially since the second bedroom is going to be my office (boring) and studio (exciting!).

Now, strengthened by an almond scone, some carrots and a few cherry tomatoes, I feel ready to face the rest of the taping in the kitchen. Painting shall ensue!

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