Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Falling Leaves scarf

I'm still working on the Caterpillar scarf, but I needed something different for a while. I have begun another kitty pi, this time in a super pink. I have also begun a Falling Leaves scarf, using the stitch pattern from the Field Guide to Knitting by Jackie Pawlowski. I've had to frog it twice. The first time, the color pooling was wonderful, but four repetitions was too wide and one skein of yarn wasn't going to make enough length. The second time, three repetitions was working well, although the color was streakier. I miscounted somewhere and threw the whole pattern off. This stitch uses so many yarn overs, slip slip knits and sk2p's (slip a stitch, knit two together and then pass the slipped stitch over) that it is impossible for me to tink. So.. it was unraveled once again. Now I'm working on a two-repetition pattern.

This is my work area:

Yes, that is an unwound skein of yarn draped over my chair. Yes, I am working from it. I read in someone else's journal about a knitter who would loop a skein over her shoulder and knit happily away. I started with it over my knees but it makes it difficult to move. The corner of my recliner is perfect. I haven't had any tangles other than the mess of frogged yarn in my lap. I don't have a ball-winder and I'd rather knit than hand-wind yarn into a ball. Besides, I'd probably tangle it more if I tried.

This is a close-up of the stitch pattern, although this was back in the three-repetition ugly color streaking phase:

The narrower scarf is still 26 stitches. The yarn is so beautiful I don't want to stop knitting. It's Opal Hand-painted "Herbstmelodie" or Fall Melody. The two repetitions are making the colors pool in a most lovely way. I'll get a photo when I have a respectable length.

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