Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Surprise Jacket #2!

This is my second Baby Surprise Jacket. I knit it with Plymouth Encore Worsted in color #7333. The buttonbands are done with leftover yellow Cascade 220 Superwash from the first BSJ. It's the same yellow that's in the Plymouth, but since it's not marled with white, it looks darker. I like the solid accent and it really shows off the flower buttons I found.

Because the buttons are larger, I made my buttonholes with a ssk, 2yo, k2tog instead of k2tog, yo. With six stitches between them, they're spaced nicely in the upper half of the sweater. I like that it has room to flare over diapers without binding and it's a fun look. I used embroidery floss to stabilize the edges of my buttonholes because the petals on the buttons tended to snag any loose loops.

Knitted on US5's at 18sts/4", it has a chest circumference of 22". This should fit an 18-24 month old child. I'm knitting another one in sport-weight yarn so I can compare it to the size I get with worsted. I think sock yarn will be too small. I would rather make it large and let them grow into it than be too small from the beginning.

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