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Rotini Hat Pattern

This cute little hat was very easy to make. I had seen other hats based on a rectangle and I sat down to design something fun and different. I wasn't in the mood for pompoms or tassels, and these crocheted pigtails were a perfect solution. They remind me of rotini pasta, hence the name. The pattern is listed below and is available for free. This is not for commercial distribution or profit.

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The example below was knit with Dream in Color Classy "Happy Forest" and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted "Rainbow" (both Aran weight superwash wool) on US6's. Finished dimensions are 16" circumference and 6.5" height. Using the calculations below, this hat can be sized for anyone from newborn to adult.


Worsted, sport or baby weight yarn in main and contrasting colors - this is easily adaptable to any yarn
Appropriate knitting needle for yarn weight
Crochet hook one to two sizes smaller than needles

Knit a stockinette gauge swatch. When you know your stitches per inch, multiply that by the number next to the desired size to determine how many stitches to cast on.

Example: for a newborn, if your gauge is 5 stitches per inch, 5*6 = 30 stitches to cast on

1/2 of hat circumference (inches):
Newborn: 6
3-6 months: 7
6-12 months: 8
12 months - 3 years: 9
3-10 years: 9.5
Young adult: 10
Adult woman: 10
Adult man: 11

Using main color, cast on the required number of stitches using long tail cast on.

Knit in stockinette:
All odd rows: knit
All even rows: purl

Continue knitting until the rectangle is the appropriate length in inches. (Fig 1)

Newborn: 11-12
3-6 months: 13-14
6-12 months: 15
12 months - 3 years: 16
3-10 years: 17
Young adult: 18-20
Adult woman: 22
Adult man: 22-23

Fold the hat in half to locate the midpoint of each side. Use a crochet hook and the contrasting color in the selvedge edge at the midpoint. Each side gets two pigtails. (see Fig 2)

Step 1: 3 single crochet (sc) in one stitch to create the foundation for the pigtails
Step 2: chain 12
Step 3: 5 double crochet (dc) in each chain stitch, beginning with second chain from end (50 stitches)
Step 5: sc in next stitch from step 1
Step 6: repeat steps 2 to 5 to make the second pigtail
Step 7: Bind off and cut yarn

Repeat on other side. (see Fig 3)

Note: If you don't know how to crochet, you can knit the pigtails, but crochet is MUCH easier and gives a better result.

To knit pigtails:

Cast on 50 using long tail cast on.
Row 1: Purl all stitches
Row 2: Knit all stitches
Row 3: Purl 5 together (purl 4 together at minimum)
Row 4: bind off knitwise, break yarn leaving a long piece for sewing to hat.

Repeat three times to make two pigtails per side.

Fold the hat in half and sew the side seams together. To seam, I used the main color yarn and a crochet hook. I seamed using crochet slip stitch with wrong sides together to create a decorative seam down each side. (see Fig 4)

Note: If you would prefer to knit in the round, cast on double the stitches and only knit half the length. The seam will be along the top of the hat and will require a three-needle bind off.

The stockinette creates a cute little rolled brim and is simple enough to let the pigtails stand out.

Fig 1:

Fig 2:

Fig 3:

Fig 4:

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