Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy evening

I've been working on a couple projects today. I have some new little items called Serenity Sax to finish beading for my Etsy shop. I'll write about them when they're finished, but I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out. I had an odd whim and decided to give it a try.

I'm also priming two more cigar boxes. One is tall and rectangular with a flip top lid and it's deep enough to store shorter double-pointed needles and crochet hooks. The box came with a cardboard grid divider and I think it's a sign that it's meant to be a knitter's box.

I'm also spinning tonight. All of my fiber has been calling to me. It was hard to choose, but I finally pulled out some Organic Sock Roving from Extreme Spinning. From the sale listing:

Buttercup: You mock my pain.
Westley: Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

In this scene, Buttercup is wearing this gorgeous reddish dress. I sought to bring some of that color into this roving so you can create a wonderful FO with these tones

It's a very lovely blend of dusty rose tones and it's spinning up very quickly. As I wrote before, Suffolk/Hampshire is not soft and buttery, but it's been surprisingly easy to draft once I got the hang of it. I keep my hands pretty far apart and it twists just the right amount of fiber as I pull back. I got four ounces, which is a huge pile. My spindle is 10.5" long from hook to tip for some indication of scale. I'm having a lot of fun with this and it's an interesting tactile experience.

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