Monday, March 9, 2009

New Zealand has beautiful sheep

Have I mentioned I love Etsy? It's such a fantastic place to find handmade items from all over the world. I've found so many indie fiber and yarn dyers in the last couple months. It's been such bliss shopping, since my local yarn stores don't carry much in the way of fiber.

For a while, I had been eyeing these batts from ArtemisArtemis. I'd periodically go back to check on them, swoon, sigh wistfully and carry on with my life. Last month, it became too much for me and I figured if they were making me that crazy, I had to have one. The package arrived today and it seriously rocks my world.

First, I have the Paua batts. There are two, totaling four ounces. They're blended with Merino, Otago Romney, Corriedale and bamboo. There is also some angelina mixed in, as if the colors weren't enough. They are so soft, chewy and scrumptious and I'm scared to spin them because they are so pretty. (Click photos to enlarge)

Another little batt came along for the ride. It's a mystery, but the fiber content feels similar. The streaks of yellow are lively and should be fun in the spun yarn. The bag also contained some dyed mohair locks. I've never spun with locks before, so this will be an adventure. I may try a textured art yarn, but I haven't decided yet. I keep petting it and waiting to find out what it wants to be.

The last little gem in the package was a little 10g or so baggie of hand-dyed silk noils. Again, it's a fiber I've never spun before. The colors are saturated and gorgeous. The silk feels soft, dry and papery and I'm interested to see what sort of texture it gives a finished yarn.

I haven't been spinning the past few days. I've been knitting and painting because I have several mixed media projects in the works. Nothing is ready for photos, but I'm hoping they'll be finished later this week. I might actually spin some yarn especially for one of them, but it hasn't all come together yet. I really fly by the seat of my pants as an artist. Even my best intentions change dramatically by the time I'm finished with a piece. I generally wander along with a vague idea and I'm continually surprised by what I come up with. I keep a notebook with little sketches and ideas since lately I have so many ideas for new pieces, I can't remember them all. I think being artistic is like getting in shape. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

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