Friday, December 21, 2007

"Princess" Kitty Donut

The felting of the "Princess" Kitty Pi was a partial failure. I hand felted to test, but didn't do a bigger crocheted swatch. The end result was this:

The Patons felted beautifully, as always. However, the Bernat Alpaca maintained stitch definition and shed hairs all over. I was picking hard round hairballs out of the lingerie bag I felted this in. It's still soft and yummy, although a little hairier than when I started. I didn't want to toss it because the colors are lovely. It was finally blocked and dry so I sat down to think about a solution.

I found some cotton batting left over from another project and by sheer luck, it was just the right length to go around the circle. I braided three strips for stability.

Then I stitched the eyelash border to the edge of the base to create a kitty donut. The sides are low, but nicely padded. The finished dimensions are 15" outside and 10" inside with a 2-3" rim. It's a good size for a smaller cat and I'm glad I was able to salvage what could have been a disaster.

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