Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Illustration Friday

Thanks to a link to Ursula's Art blog by Liz at Primoriginals, I found a site called Illustration Friday. There's a weekly theme and anyone can join to illustrate it with any media they choose. It's really cool, since sometimes it helps to have a kernel of an idea to jumpstart a new project. This week's topic is "Time". I have a couple ideas and we'll see if I have the actual time to complete one before Friday. Even if I have to wait a couple weeks to really get started, I'm looking forward to participating in the group.

I am very busily finishing a bunch of goodies for the February Phat Fiber box and I need to mail them out tomorrow. The box goes on sale on the 16th, so I am really down to the wire. Because of the theme, I don't want to hold them for the March box if I can help it.

If the sun decides to shine tomorrow, I should get some decent pictures before I send them off to their new homes. Fun!

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