Thursday, November 22, 2007

Regency Pillow

This pillow was crocheted as a gift for my sister. She wanted one to go in her sage, cream and blue bedroom. This was surprisingly fun to make and the half-double crochet went very quickly. For such a nubbly yarn, it was easy to work with once I got past the first row. I made a very large rectangle and simply single crocheted the edges when it was large enough to reach all the way around the pillow. I started this yesterday and frogged it about five times before I the dimensions worked the way I wanted. Crocheting a tube did not work. I also didn't like the way the striping ran when I crocheted with the short edge of the pillow. This is one of Lion Brand's "Painterly" colors and it has subtle self-striping. There are sections of purple, teal blue and cream worked throughout the yarn.

One point to note - this acrylic yarn frays like the dickens when cut. I made some tight knots and wove in longer than usual edges. It might make fun tassels because it's so silky soft when it unravels, but that would be very much not good in the middle of a pillow.

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun "Regency" (slightly more than two skeins) - one skein made 13x22inches.
Hook: 6mm J10
Stitch: Half-double crochet throughout, single crochet seams. Stitches run with the long dimension of the pillow except for two rows of hdc on each short end as a finish.
Pillow: Joann Fabrics "Soft n Crafty" 14x28in

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