Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Two pi's and a mystery

I've been jonesing for yarn lately, so here's a rundown of my up and coming projects:

Kitty Pi #2 - Dark Earth
Base - Patons Classic Wool "Deep Olive"
Sides - Patons Classic Wool "Natural Mix"
Trim - Patons SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) "Natural Earth"

The SWS is a gorgeous mix of 70% wool and 30% soy. It should felt along with the rest of the cup so I'll get a different effect than I did with the boucle. It's a medium weight yarn without all the bulk so it will behave differently anyway.

Kitty Pi #3 - Blue Neutrals
Base - Patons Classic Wool "Natural Mix"
Sides - Patons Classic Wool "Aran"
Trim - Patons SWS "Natural Blue"

Again, this should be similar to Pi #2 but in much softer colors. The photo doesn't show it, but the SWS has a lot of sky blue mixed into it.

Mystery Project
Patons SWS "Natural Crimson"

I went back and forth on this yarn. I love the colors so much I can hardly stand it, but I couldn't think of what to do with it. It's self-striping, but I don't like harsh stripes. I came across this lovely stitch in Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet called "Wavy Chevron". It's a nice curvy pattern and might take some of the bite out of the striping so it looks more organic. I may make a scarf since the yarn is soft and warm.

So I have this big pile of yummy yarn and no time to crochet. I also have knitting needles, but I really like the density I got on my first kitty pi. Crochet seems to be a good technique for what I want to do. I crocheted last night to relax before I went to sleep and it really helped, so I may be using it as my "sleeping pill" for the rest of the semester.

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